108 Names of Lord Krishna Names

108 108 Names Of Lord Krishna Baby Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 108 108 Names Of Lord Krishna Baby Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Lakshmikantam The Lord of Goddess Lakshmi Boys Name
Lokadhyaksha Lord of all the three lokas worlds Boys Name
Achyuta Imperishable, A name of Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Adbhutah Wonderful God Boys Name
Adidev Lord Vishnu / Shiva / Krishna Boys Name
Aditya The Sun, As Bright as Sun, Son of Aditi Boys Name
Ajanma One who is limitless and endless Boys Name
Amrut Food of Devas, Nectar Boys Name
Anaadih One who is the first cause Boys Name
Anandsagar Compassionate Lord Boys Name
Anantajit The victor of infinity, Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Aniruddha Which can't be Restricted Boys Name
Aparajeet The Lord who cannot be defeated Boys Name
Avyukta Crystal clear Boys Name
Upendra Lord Vishnu, An Element, An element Boys Name
Balgopal Baby Krishna, Infant Krishna Boys Name
Bali Powerful, Mighty Monkey King of Kiskindha Boys Name
Vaikunthanatha Lord of vaikuntha, The heavenly abode Boys Name
Vardhamaanah The formless Lord Boys Name
Vasudev Father of Lord Krishna, God of Wealth Boys Name
Vishnu The Protector, An Important Hindu God Boys Name
Vishwadakshinah Skilfull and efficient Lord Boys Name
Vishwakarma Architect of the universe Boys Name
Vishwamurti Of the form of the entire universe Boys Name
Vishwarupa One who displays the universal form Boys Name
Vishwatma Universal soul Boys Name
Kamalnath Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Kamalnayan Lotus-eyed, Lotus eyed Boys Name
Kamsantak Slayer of kamsa Boys Name
Hari Sun, Fit, Proper, Tawny, Green, Wind, Fire Boys Name
Hiranyagarbha The Golden Womb, The all powerful creator Boys Name
Keshava Lord Krishna, The Beautiful Haired Boys Name
Dayalu Compassionate, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Dayanidhi Treasure house of mercy Boys Name
Madan Cupid, God of Love, Man filled with beauty Boys Name
Madhava Another name of Lord Krishna Boys Name
Madhusudan Lord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu Boys Name
Mahendra Lord Vishnu, The Great God Indra Boys Name
Manmohan Pleasing, Enticer of Heart, Lord Krishna Boys Name
Manohar Good Attitude, Beautiful, Captivating Boys Name