108 Names of Lord Krishna Baby Names

108 108 Names Of Lord Krishna Baby Names Available With Name Meaning. Browse All 108 108 Names Of Lord Krishna Baby Names And Choose The Perfect Name For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Achala Still, Immovable, Constant Boys Name
Achyuta Imperishable, A name of Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Adidev Lord Vishnu / Shiva / Krishna Boys Name
Ajaya Unconquerable, Undefeated, Unconquered Boys Name
Akshara Letters, Goddess Saraswati, Unalterable Boys Name
Amrut Food of Devas, Nectar Boys Name
Ananta Infinite, Endless, Eternal Boys Name
Anaya Blessing of God, Origin, Popularity Girls Name
Aniruddha Which can't be Restricted Boys Name
Balgopal Baby Krishna, Infant Krishna Boys Name
Bali Powerful, Mighty Monkey King of Kiskindha Boys Name
Chaturbhuj Broad Shouldered, Strong, Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Dayalu Compassionate, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Dayanidhi Treasure house of mercy Boys Name
Devakinandan Son of Devki, Lord Krishna Boys Name
Devesh Kind, Name of Jesus, God of Gods Boys Name
Gopal Lord Krishna, Protector of Cows, Cow-herd Boys Name
Govinda Lord Krishna, Name of Lord Balaji Boys Name
Gyaneshwar Lord of Knowledge, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Hrishikesh River, One who Controls Senses Boys Name
Jagadisha God, Master of the Universe Boys Name
Janardhana Exciting People Boys Name
Kamalnath Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Kamalnayan Lotus-eyed, Lotus eyed Boys Name
Keshava Lord Krishna, The Beautiful Haired Boys Name
Krishna Lord Krishna, Intelligent, Strong, Love Boys Name
Madan Cupid, God of Love, Man filled with beauty Boys Name
Madhava Another name of Lord Krishna Boys Name
Madhusudan Lord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu Boys Name
Mahendra Lord Vishnu, The Great God Indra Boys Name
Manmohan Pleasing, Enticer of Heart, Lord Krishna Boys Name
Manohar Good Attitude, Beautiful, Captivating Boys Name
Mayur Peacock, Lord Krishna, Love, Fragments Boys Name
Mohan Fascinating, Charming, Beauteous Boys Name
Murali Flute, Lord Krishna, The King of the Earth Boys Name
Murlidhar Bearer of a Flute Boys Name
Narayana Vishnu, Refuge of Man, Lord Vishnu Boys Name
Niranjana Spotless, Pure, Aarti, Name of a river Boys Name
Nirguna Attribute less, Fetterless, Attribute-less Boys Name
Padmanabha One with lotus in his navel, Lord Vishnu Boys Name

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